The White House is full of Niggers



The White House is full of niggers.  With this administration you know in your heart that this is not true. What if your heart was wrong? What if I told you the White House was full of fucking niggers, and I could prove it. Not niggers in our learned, historic, inflicted sense, but niggers in an absolute truth of the word sense.  A whole cast of characters who envision and reinforce themselves through entertainment and media; who project merciless, violent caricatures onto those who they would sell — and have sold as property. It is the landowners, overseers, and complicit common society themselves who were, and in actuality are the niggers. 


“The word was first used down in the deep south, falling out between the dome of the white man’s mouth, that means that we will never go. You know the word, Dummy.” – Q-tip, Sucka Nigga. 


I’m not one to use the word. Even though I’m a black man I’ve never felt comfortable saying it. Especially the way it’s used commonly in juvenile American parlance and AAVE. I completely understand how it’s been repossessed and used to identify one another as kin: “My niggas”.  It’s beautiful in jest: “nigga, please!” Or, simply drawn out: “Niggaaaaaah”. At some point though, we must collectively admit that our reclaiming the word is an action akin to Stockholm Syndrome. Do we really love this word that has been thrust upon us or is this reclamation simply the best coping mechanism that we’ve yet devised?


The most popular form of music in the world, Rap music, is a flood with this crutch for uninspired poets. As a super fan, I must confess, I’ve never felt that this flip of the word “nigger” was a completely successful landing. There lingers deep within the word its niggling origin. When I hear someone use any variation of the word, there still exists within danger from a cursed “nigger”.


“Now we got white kids callin’ themselves niggas. The tables turn as the crosses burn. Remember, you must learn.” – KRS ONE, MCs Act Like They Don’t Know.


The “nigger” is a white invention (“white” is also a white invention), as important to colonization of African nations and trafficking in persons as gunpowder, shot, and the chains that bound those taken from their ancestral homes. A nigger is beast so terrible and paradoxical that it is both woefully unredeemable “in the eyes of The Lord” and yet, can be trusted to raise your “God fearing” children. 


A handful of characters are required to describe the many facets niggerdom. The “Tom” or “Mammy” are reliable labourers and genteel enough to be “house Negroes”. However, they may at any moment, enter fits of animalistic violence. The “coon” is lazy, prone to self-indulgences, unreliable, and disheveled. Generally speaking niggers are all prone to brutishness; they are universally angry and dangerous. As intellectual inferiors, these characters require keen oversight with strict punishment for transgressions against the estate or the “good people” of common society.

There were no “niggers” in the world until this demon-like character was projected onto captives brought to the Caribbean and the Americas. The Confederate States of America, people of European descent, operated a nation-sized enterprise in human trafficking and fought until death to preserve their system of slavery; possibly the most twisted, hellish carnival any society has ever come to witness.


The scale, duration, and sheer barbarity of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, rivals any cruelty conceived of in the Earth’s history. The depravity embodied by this nigger character accurately describes the actions carried out by those who orchestrated the American trade in human flesh. The slave owners, overseers, landowners, and common society, needed to envision this nigger character in order to cope with two harms: the first, inflicted upon the captive population, enslavement. The second, inflicted upon themselves, was self-deception.  Centuries before “cognitive dissonance” was first described, its function was well understood.  In order to reinforce an imaginary divide, the nigger was envisioned and perpetuated through geography, culture, pseudoscience, minstrel shows, advertising, film and print media; projecting a caricature onto humans sold as property. Landowners, slave owners, overseers, and complicit common society themselves, were by definition niggers: subjects of a self-inflicted blindness and comfort in that darkness.


If any one thing positive can be derived from the performance of this administration, it’s that we’ve collectively had our rose-coloured glasses smacked off our faces. The persistent consequences of racism and segregation are rearing their heads; exampled in the vile vocal minority who unlawfully gathered marching in Washington State while protected by State police, clashes between white-nationalists and anti-fascists, and growing vitriol online and around the world relating to immigration and asylum seekers.


Figure after figure is side-lined or arrested for scandal after scandal. As representatives are exposed one after another as having uncomfortably close ties to white nationalists who envision an American nation where immigrants are second-class citizens, we begin to see that we have the blind leading the blind, and that the worst demons of our nature have concentrated the most power.  These demons, niggers in our sense of the term, have been in government since the beginning. There are nigger CEOs, nigger owners of football teams, and nigger lobbyists.  There are niggers riddled throughout our communities and, certainly, niggers with a monopoly on the use of force.


This here is the nigger flag.
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This, a nigger statue.

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(Robert E. Lee –commander of the Confederate States Army)


And these are some violent,

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(left – murderer, right – Nia Wilson)



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African-Americans’ adopting a variation of the word’s interpretation —flipping its use — was a half step with an effect that has two folds: first – giving the word a positive connotation and diminishing the implication of its original harmful meaning. The second blow that this achieved, was that in modern times after having become unpopular to use in common society, black, brown, and sometimes even East Asian Americans flaunt that they have the unearned privilege by way of birth to use the word. Nonetheless, at base, the word exists and its inferred meaning remains intact.


I submit that this word is too loaded and controversial for us to attempt to hold. Let’s collectively return to sender, decolonize our minds. The same way this generation reinvented the running man, said no to shopping malls and big chain dining establishments, the same way a unicorn is now a company with a $1B market cap, and a snowflake is an easily triggered person, this is the new
nigger for 2018:


Nigger [Nig-er] - noun

Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to an ignorant person.

a contemptuous term used to refer to a member of society who use class, ethnic origin or skin tone to denote their assumed superiority.

a contemptuous term used to refer to a person of any group that believes their group affiliation precludes them from relation to or responsibility for their neighbours on this planet.

an actor of unlearned genetic prejudice, similar to that perpetrated by Nazis; a person who is economically, politically, or socially motivated to divide people according to class, skin tone or ethnic origin.


I’ve personally always been the type of guy not to react to uses of the word, though I do judge people based on how it’s said. If the intent was malicious and mean-spirited then that person was not OK in my books. This is all I could do to cope, because as much as you may wish them away, words don’t just up and disappear never to be said again. Furthermore, to tell someone that they can’t use a word is just silliness.  We all know the word is being said regardless, so rather, lets put it to productive use and point out who the real niggers are. Like the bully who calls his mark a loser, we know who the real loser is, we know who the real faggots are and with this clarification of the term, we can all point out the niggers together. Those who made the term deserve it most, those who use the term in a derogatory sense, themselves are niggers. And sadly, they currently run the White House.


This here, is a reference short list for some of the niggerish appointees currently occupying the White House:


John F. Kelly – Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff



Kelly Ann Conway – Assistant to the President and Senior Counselor



Intellectually Childlike



Johnny DeStefano – Assistant to the President and Counselor




Jared Kushner – Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor






Ivanka Trump – First Daughter and Advisor to the President





Stephen Miller – Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Policy




Intellectually Childlike



Larry Kudlow – Assistant to the President and Director of the National Economic Council






Andrew Bremberg – Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council





Next, we come for the swastika.


Humbly yours,